Original story about the Small night light

Original story about the Small night light

Once upon a time, in a small house on the edge of a quiet forest, there was a small night light. This light was not like any other night light you've ever seen, it was special because it was crafted by a little girl who loved the dark forest, but was afraid of the dark.

 She would often wander the forest during the day, collecting pebbles and twigs to decorate her room. But at night, she would find herself too scared to sleep in the dark. So, she decided to make a night light to chase away the darkness and her fear.

 The little girl gathered all the materials she needed and set to work, using her pebbles and twigs to create a small but beautiful night light. She placed it on her bedside table and from that night on, she was never afraid of the dark again.

 The light emitted a soft and warm glow, that not only chased away the shadows, but also made her room look like a wonderland. The girl would often gaze at her night light, mesmerized by the way the light danced and played on the walls and ceiling.

 As the years passed, the little girl grew up and moved away, but she left her night light behind as a gift to her family. And it continued to be a source of comfort and light for generations to come.

 The small night light became a cherished family heirloom, passed down from mother to daughter, and it always reminded them of the girl's creativity, determination, and her love for the forest. Even when the family moved away from the forest, the light was always with them, spreading warmth and love wherever it went.

 Years later, the girl returned to the forest and found her childhood home, but it was abandoned and in ruins. She searched for her night light, but it was nowhere to be found. But as she was about to leave, she heard a faint light coming from inside the house. She followed the light, and there it was, her small night light, still shining as bright as ever, a reminder of the love and memories of her childhood home.

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