About us

S.A.R.A.S. Ltd. started at the end of 2019. We are the small manufacturers with great ideas of “3D puzzle lamps”. He - Alexander Radivoevich - creator, creator, designer and designer of our decorative products, she - Stanislava Radivoevich - organizer, company representative and consultant in our fairy shop, they - Alexander Radivoevich / junior / and Sava Radivoevich, chief assistants in the production cycle, the assembly and all activities related to the realization of the finished products.

The mission of our team is to convey to you positive and positive emotions with our products, the joy and pleasure of creating with your own hands, among loved ones, the mission of Lightmotiff.


They .......... Decorative light fairy tales.


There is a lot of light in our home. And it all has a different shape and history. This is not just a whim. Rather, it reflects what we find along the way. In the nursery, the little man, reminiscent of the hundreds of fairy tales read, and the owl with the big wise eyes, who had just arrived from a fairy forest, lit up. The pet with the big heart always looks at you kindly and reminds you of his love. In the corner, the lunar path illuminates the path of the red baron, who takes off for his next air battle.

We close our eyes and start dreaming. The projection starts on a white screen, the camera light illuminates it. Whether it is a dream or not - everyone has the right to choose which world to live in and from which to draw inspiration. No wonder - how many of us have chosen fairy tales? And they keep choosing them for their children before they go to sleep ... and turn off their magic lamp. And before their world transfers them with the fairy carriage to the world of princesses, we are already boldly pedaling to our dreams, because they emit light.


If you want ideas to enlighten you, look for the shape of the light. To know where miracles come from!